Clean water is one of the most valuable commodities on the planet. Having truly clean water impacts our health across several areas – physical, mental, & emotional. Although public water in Texas meets the safety requirements set by the EPA, that doesn’t mean the water coming out of your tap is healthy.

Tap water in our area has chloramines from the disinfecting process and added sodium fluoride. These chemicals do not promote health. Getting these toxins out of your water will improve the taste, but more importantly having cleaner water will contribute to improving your overall health.

Here at Texas Home Solutions we offer top of the line multi-stage water filters. Whole house water filtration systems improve not only drinking water, but the water you bathe in. And if you have a garden, the plants will benefit from cleaner water, too. We also install point-of-use filters. The ideal solution for the best quality water is a multi-stage whole house filter, a water restructuring unit, plus a point-of-use filter at your kitchen sink and one on your refrigerator. This will give you best-tasting, best-smelling, soft, healthy water.

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