Do you have multiple pipes leaking? Have you had a tiny leak repaired in the past, but worry about a new one popping up? Or maybe you know the age of your house means it’s just a matter of time before your pipes start leaking. Call or email us and one of our friendly service professionals will come out to give you a quote.

Low water flow that doesn’t improve, even with professional plumber maintenance and troubleshooting, can be from gunk built up in your old pipes. The Houston area has hard water, and that takes a toll on pipes over time. Whatever type of pipes you have – copper, galvanized, PEX, CPVC, PVC, or polypropylene – our service professionals are experts at working with all types. Old pipes are like a ticking time bomb and you deserve the peace of mind a whole house repipe gives.

Other reasons for having the piping in your whole house replaced:

  • Extreme weather has put stress on the piping
  • Improper installation at the initial build
  • Improper installation from a prior repipe job
  • Chemical sensitivity to current pipes*
  • You want a healthier alternative to what you currently have**

*People can be sensitive to any of the standard piping choices. While copper my be a good choice for one person, it may be disastrous for someone else. Although we can’t tell you what will work for you, we can install whichever type you determine is the best fit for you.

**For those who are concerned about any leaching of metal or plastic (which is very low, so don’t get your britches twisted), the best choice is polypropylene. It is a specialized kind of piping that has been shown to have the least leaching. Also, since joints are sealed together with heat, there is no exposure to chemicals from glue or lead connectors. In addition, polypropylene pipes can be recycled at the end of their useful life.

Texian Home Solutions is the only service offering polypropylene pipe installation to residential customers in the Houston area, as far as we are aware.


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